Format Descriptions

Format Descriptions

Research symposia should include four to five presentations focused on a common theme or various aspects of a large-scale research project. Presentations should come from at least two different institutions. The symposia will last 90 minutes, with a minimum of 15 minutes for open discussion with the audience. Each symposium should have a chair (normally the organizer of the panel or another relevant person). We encourage to include the perspective of users and family members in the symposia.

The panel submission portal is set up for one person (in most cases the chair) to submit the panel abstract AND each paper abstract together. Thus, before submitting, this person should collect all abstracts from the panel speakers and then proceed with the provided link. Overall and individual paper abstracts have a maximum of 300 words.

Individual papers are suited for presentations of completed research, or projects that have not been submitted as part of an organized thematic research symposium. They will be a maximum of 15 minutes, and the Scientific Committee will organize papers of similar topics to be presented during the same time slot. The Scientific Committee will assign a chair to each Paper session. Abstracts have a maximum of 300 words.

Poster presentations are appropriate for a range of research reports, including completed studies, pilot data, and work-in-progress. Posters offer the unique opportunity for the audience to see detailed graphic output. There will be guided poster tours with a designated moderator. The speaker should also bring print-outs of the poster in format A4. Abstracts have a maximum of 300 words. Of note, the best three posters will be awarded at the Award Session at the 2024 ESSPD congress.

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