6th International Congress on Borderline Personality Disorder
and Allied Disorders 2022

Virtual | 10–12 October 2022

Change for a better future: Perspectives beyond symptoms

Our hope was to meet in person in beautiful Antwerp, Belgium in October this year. However, due to the unpredictable course of the pandemic and due to the unpredictability of travel restrictions, we decided to have a virtual conference in 2022. The online format has the advantage that we can all plan and continue our exchange on the overarching theme of our conference:

“Change for a better future: Perspectives beyond symptoms”

We hope to extend the limits of traditional thinking in science and clinical care by creating a platform for an innovative discussion among researchers, clinicians, members of health care systems, as well as patients and relatives. Core topics of our discussions will be positive psychology and what we have learned from suicide prevention to promote a life worth living.

We are looking forward to a fruitful and inspiring exchange.

Babette Renneberg, PhD
ESSPD President

Babette Renneberg, MD
ESSPD President

Reasons to attend

  • Get informed about the latest, yet-to-be-published, research results in the field of personality disorders, including updates on MBT, DBT and TFP, adolescent treatment, antisocial and narcissistic PD, AMPD and its clinical implication, and much more. All sessions are live allowing direct interactions with presenters.
  • Learn clinical skills to deal with disruptive behavior in-session, intimacy avoidance, dissociation and self-esteem issues by attending our clinical discussion with demonstration by experts
  • Attend interviews with leading experts like Otto Kernberg, Peter Fonagy, Martin Bohus and Elsa Ronningstam. They will be interviewed on a more personal note and you can discover:
    • Who or what has inspired them throughout their career?
    • What decisions do they regret?
    • What advice do they want to give to young clinicians?
  • Join the presidential debate on what change for a better future means to researchers and people with lived experience
  • Meet colleagues in our ESSPD sections on social cognition and interpersonal functioning
  • Attend our keynotes on positive psychology and happiness but also on suicide and suicide prevention
  • Take a look at a variety of poster presentations
  • Arrange your agenda as you like as all sessions will be recorded and kept available after the conference

ESSPD Survey

Interpersonal functioning relates to a high burden in those affected by personality disorders (PD) and their social networks. Impairments in social cognition are the mechanism assumed to underlie interpersonal problems in PD. 

However, how important are these different domains from the perspective of clinicians and researchers for understanding and treating PDs? In the current survey, we aim to explore the relevance attributed to the different domains of social cognition across the diversity of the people working with individuals with PD. 

This survey aims to understand how relevant the ESSPD members consider the study of social cognition and interpersonal functioning for their everyday clinical and research practice on personality disorders.

Please take a few moments and support us with your input.

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