Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission guidelines

Abstracts can be submitted as symposium, oral presentation or poster. They must be prepared in English and have to be submitted online by 26 March 2020.

A maximum of 5 abstracts may be submitted by each author.
If the author is not the presenter, a presenter must be added.
A presenter is allowed to present up to 2 posters during the congress. 


  • A maximum of 300 words are allowed.
  • A title that clearly indicates the nature of the investigation should be provided.
  • The abstract should be as informative as possible:
    Background/Objective (indicate the background and purpose of the study or the hypothesis that was tested),
    Methods (include the setting for the study, the subjects, the diagnosis or intervention, and the type of statistical analysis. if references are needed, they should be given in the text).
    Results (present as clearly as possible the outcome of the study and statistical significance if appropriate) and
    Conclusions (briefly discuss the data and emphasize the significance of the results).



  • Abbreviations should be avoided in titles, but may be used in the text if they are defined at first usage.
  • Please ensure that your abstract does not contain spelling, grammatical or scientific errors, as it will be published exactly as submitted.
  • Abstract submission must be accompanied by a declaration of any potential conflict of interest for all authors since scientific sessions are intended to focus on educational content that is free from commercial influence or bias.
  • All accepted abstracts will be published in the online scientific programme and the congress App.  
  • Before submitting your abstract, please make sure it fulfills the requirements for submission and note that the abstract title cannot be edited after submission.


Symposia submission guidelines

To submit a symposium follow these steps:

  1. Inform your (up to 4) speakers that they need to submit a lecture in symposium and inform you about the abstract ID.
  2. Once you have received all the abstract IDs, you can submit the symposium proposal.
  3. Choose “Symposium” as requested presentation type, insert the symposium title, a short description and the following speaker details:
    Last Name, First Name, Presentation title and abstract ID.
  4. Your chosen topic will overrule the topics of the individually submitted abstracts.


As a speaker in a symposium please follow these steps:

  1. Only use the presentation type "Lecture in Symposium", if you have been invited to do so by the chair.
  2. Before submitting the abstract make sure to insert the e-mail address of the chair in the field “Chair of the Symposium”.
  3. After you have submitted your abstract, please forward your abstract and abstract ID to the chair.

Please note!

  • Chairperson and speakers are not exempted from the registration fee.
  • Please follow these instructions carefully, as abstracts not prepared correctly will not be considered for presentation.
  • Authors of accepted abstract must be onsite at the congress and present their oral presention or poster in person.
  • Based on the quality of the abstract, the Scientific Committee will categorize the submission either as an Oral Presentation or as a Poster Presentation. Authors will be informed on the acceptance of their abstracts until mid of May 2020. 

Declaration Regarding Industrial Relationships

  • Each chair, speaker and/or first author declares his/her relationship with industrial enterprises when submitting a contribution. This also applies to presenters invited to the conference.
  • The declaration made or the failure to make such a declaration will be published by the ESSPD at the congress in an appropriate manner even in the case of invited speakers. The speaker and poster author attending expressly agrees to this publication on registering his/her contribution.
  • All speakers are requested to notify their audience at the beginning of every paper regarding their relationships with industry.